April 20, 2013

How Chechen drivers deal with the petty frustrations of their daily commutes

From Youtube.


Anonymous said...

The truly amazing thing is that by the magical transformative powers of the US borders, institutions and laws - once such people are over in the US they undergo a complete metamorphosis and become model US citizens.

In fact, I wonder why this concept hasn't been utilized more, e.g. for purposes of criminal rehabilitation. In prisons across the world, there exist many overflowing fonts of human potential. Creative minds such as Gary Ridgway, David Berkowitz, Ted Kaczynski, just languishing, going to waste at taxpayer expense. As a source of criminality and terrorism, I well realise that Chechnya has got to be up there. But surely it cannot compete with a federal penitentiary in terms of relative concentration.

What they need to do is build a new rehabilitation station and place it just over the border in Mexico. Here's how it would work. First, the criminals would be shipped to this rehabilitation station. This station would be carefully constructed so that the open front door led directly across the magical, transformative US border into a model town, replete with functioning court house and school house complete with high school civics texts where they would learn how great America is.

These former criminals, no, strike that, "new Americans" - would then be cured once and for all of what ailed them, and society could fully utilize their formerly wasted talents.

Anonymous said...

Where do Chechens rank on the Vibrant scale? If 0 is LDS fundamentalists, 1 is Wiccans or snake handlers, 10 is Kashmir; with maybe Sicilians or the Nation of Yahweh somewhere in the center range

Anonymous said...

Road Warrior.

Anonymous said...

"Where do Chechens rank on the Vibrant scale?"

yeah, maybe we can say they set off good vibrations.

Anonymous said...

I must say, though, I was surprise that it as Chechens.

I though it'd be rightwing radicals or maybe Arab Muslims.

But Chechens? In America?

Anonymous said...

It's too bad there's only 200 Chechens in America. How cool if there were 20,000, all living in blue cities?

The answer my friend is blowing up in the wind, the answer is blowing up in the wind.

Anonymous said...

Wait...did he just use his gun as a turn signal?

周樹人 said...

Chchens rank 11 on the Vibrant Scale. They are called "black asses" in Russia. Their propensity to run every criminal organization, as well as penchant for violent acts of terrorism like Beslan, frankly scares the shit out of me. And that's not just the men - the women have blown up planes, concerts, Moscow subways, et al. You white Americans are too far removed from this to understand -- your government always try to get involved in stupid shit like bashing Russia for South Ossetia.

You know nothing about the Caucasians or their race wars -- the Caucasians have some dozen or so ethnic groups and they all hate and want to kill each other. The Chechens want to kill the Ingush, Georgians want to kill the Abkhaz and the Ossentians. That nice Georgian guy Stalin deported all off them to Kazakhstan, gave Chechen homes to Ossetians (e.g., those living in Beslan), ensuring enough Caucasian race hatred for the next hundred years.

Why the hell do you people want to get involved in this?? And to let them come to your country as refugees?? Are you insane???

Just a month ago, a Chechen guy stabbed one guy to death, another seriously, and a police as well, in the USA because he was making unwanted advances on a woman. In Moscow you can't go without a week without reading about some Chechens involved in shoot outs.

I'm not white, not European (from Singapore) -- so I have no beef in this. I just know more about most concerning the Caucasus and Central Asia.

The Caucasians - and esp. the Chechens - can't and never will fit into the modern Indo-European or frankly as Asian society.

David said...

But according to the muppetmedia, Chechens are white. You see, the word Caucasian is derived from the Caucasus Mountains, and Chechnya is very near the Caucasus Mountains, so they are whitebread Ward Cleavers. Which means they are boring and serial killers and Republican militia KKK Cossacks who are white boy wimps.

That is the most advanced USA thinking about Chechens, at least among the masses here.

Perhaps some "soft way" education is in order? Before Americans continue to learn the hard way?

David said...

They all laughed when we told them loose borders = the fall of ancient Rome replicating itself here.

They all laughed and pointed and sputtered. Keep laughing, hipsters.

Keep laughing until you scream in terror.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Almaty for three years. Kazakhs drive just like that, minus the shooting.

DYork said...

Where do Chechens rank on the Vibrant scale?

They are a bit too pale to rank highly. They are also pretty far removed from SWPL/hipster/SXSW tendencies so that knocks them down as well.

On the vibrant scale they rank about with Hillbillies/Deliverance mountain trash/the Westies Irish gangs/Chinatown Tong gangs/Steve Martin - Dan Ackroyd's Wild And Crazy Guys and old time labor union thugs.

Not a lot of good vibrations. Plus, blowing up Nice White Ladies and children at a SWPL event like a marathon puts their image down around the KKK, Japanese whalers and boyfriends who stomp on puppies on the vibrancy scale.

Mr. Anon said...

"周樹人 said...

Why the hell do you people want to get involved in this?? And to let them come to your country as refugees?? Are you insane???"

Welcome to the board. And in answer to your question, the answer is a qualified yes. Not all Americans are insane. But America, the country, is insane.

Anonymous said...


this guy was killed for writing a book, so much is for sure. the question is only which one, was it "Godfather of the Kremlin: Boris Berezovsky and the Looting of Russia" or "Conversation with a Barbarian: Interviews with a Chechen Field Commander on Banditry and Islam"

Anonymous said...

(re. Khlebnikov, contd.)
actually, it could have been neither book (just Russians in whose way he got, not connected to either Berezovsky or the Chechens.) Also, the "rebel" leader must have OK'd the interview, so why would he kill him.

Anonymous said...

...but funny how everything seems to be interconnected. 90s' (and noughts', and tens') Russia is a funny place, and by funny I mean hell.

Anonymous said...

After seeing the video, NOW I know why so many of them settled in the Boston area. They drive like we do!

Steve Sailer said...

By the way, in my few days of experience driving around southwest Turkey (e.g., from Bodrum to Ephesus and back), Turks were completely the opposite. Highways in Turkey are full of vehicles capable of vastly different top speeds, from S-Class Mercedes to tractors pulling hay wagons hauling a dozen farm wives to market (uh, for the wives to do the marketing, let me be clear). We'd constantly get slowed down on an uphill winding road by somebody who couldn't go more than 10 mph, but all the drivers queued up surprisingly patiently and within a couple of minutes, whoever was the roadblock would find a place to pull over let the faster vehicles go by.

Cooley said...

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics will be interesting. Held on the 150th anniversary of the Circassian genocide.